Tomorrow's event engagement and analytics technology


intelligent device

The Fused badge allows your attendees to exchange their contact info by simply pressing a button! Like magic!

You can now take home hundreds of people’s contact details along with their respective product brochures and it all fits into your Fused badge.



cross-platform solution

All data, analytics, interactions and more can be accessed and monitored via the App.

Your attendees can use the App alone as their eBadge or in combination with the Fused wearable!



Event performance icon

Event performance

Track meetings per hour, count contact exchanges, analyse the most productive exhibitors per day and much more to help your team reach its event goals.

Attendees profiling icon

Attendees profiling

Access key trend data, filter attendees by interests, regions, etc., produce analytics reports and offer bespoke recommendations, to all of your attendees whilst providing rich data to your team.

Interactions tracking icon

Interactions tracking

Fused provides a window into your event, revealing how all types of attendees interact with each other, how they behave and what activities they indulge in enabling you to plan and organise your event respectively.



Contact exchanges icon

Contact exchanges

Never again will your attendees forget or lose valuable information received from personal interactions with either exhibitors or individuals during your event, thanks to the Fused app!

Interactive floor plan icon

Interactive floor plan

Familiarise attendees with the venue layout across all areas and floors via an interactive map. Plan a route across the venue to optimise time efficiency.

Targeted announcements icon

Targeted announcements

Announcements enable you to broadly notify everyone of event updates or target messages to only ‘Checked In’ guests of specific talks. Your Exhibitors can even send limited time offers and promotions directly to a selected target market audience of attendees.

Product catalogue icon

Product catalogue

Provide a digital catalogue of every product and service available from your exhibitors and attendees, to make the corners of even the largest events accessible to everyone. Then enable access to everyone’s fingertips through your customized app.

Appointment scheduling icon

Appointment scheduling

Assist all attendees by helping them request appointments or schedule meetings with exhibitors in advance via one universal calendar.

Exhibitor directory icon

Exhibitor directory

Allow your attendees to search a directory of every exhibitor, without missing important information. Plus give your exhibitors the ability to manage their own profile with as much information as you allow.


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